Akrapovic auspuff genehmigt titan für Honda VFR1200X CrossTourer 2014

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Documento senza titolo HOME CHI SIAMO PAGAMENTI CONDIZIONI SPEDIZIONI Akrapovic exhaust for Honda VFR1200X CrossTourerExhaust code: S-H12SO3-HRTMore charm to your bikePerformance index, increase in horse power, lightening of the overall weight, greater torque, engaging sound, Akrapovic promises and maintains a change of character of the bike. Akrapovic silencers are born from the care, dedication and passion for the motorcycle world. Always a leading company, it boasts unique and cutting-edge manufacturing processes such as the hydroforming process of the exhaust ducts thanks to which uniform tube bending is obtained without stress points of the material. The slip-on S-H12SO3-HRT is titanium made, as well as being a silencer with a unique sound like only Akrapovic knows how to do, beautifully designed exclusively for the shapes of yours Honda VFR1200X CrossTourer. The Akrapovic muffler does not require the ECU to be remapped, they are also supplied with everything needed for assembly: clamps, sealing bolts and any brackets and fittings.FeaturesTypology: single exhaust Homologated: E9 Acoustic emissions approvalMaterial: titaniumIn the box: Everything needed for assembly is provided.The present and the future of competitionsAkrapovic is one of the first companies in the world to have taken the first steps in the research and development of exhaust systems for motorcycles, mufflers, motorcycle and car terminals. Technologically advanced, one of the most innovative in the sector thanks to the use of first-class materials and a careful workmanship and details without fear of confrontation. Akrapovic is distinguished mainly by the sound of his exhausts which are unmistakable and very recognizable. The company uses skilled labor united by a passion for its product, specialized in the field of high-level competitions where Akrapovic has long been a staple.* Where specifically indicated – See information on returns