BoosterPlug Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer (2014-2016) – Forget the Power Commander

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Booster Plug   The BoosterPlug is installed in less than 10 minutes.     It plugs directly into your bikes wire harness using original
connectors – no cutting or splicing.     A true Plug and Play solution that will make your bike so much better:     Improved and softer throttle response when rolling the throttle on-off. Enrichment of Fuel/Air mixture when you open the throttle will improve   acceleration. Remove the Jerky low speed running that is typical for modern lean burn engines. Stronger and more reliable Idle. Reduced Puffing in your aftermarket exhaust on engine braking.     A lot of Plug and Play devices will promise wonderful results,
but unfortunately most of them are pure Snake Oil. The BoosterPlug is the only Plug and Play module, that is properly
researched and developed – and performs as promised. Sounds too good to be true ? –
The theory and research is published in details on the BoosterPlug
website to give you a proper explanation
– in stead of slick sales talk. More important – Feedback from existing customers is extremely positive..     If you trick the Fuel Injection ECU to think the ambient air temperature is   lower than the actual readings, the ECU will richen up the injected mixture by a   certain amount. The correct enrichment will be a huge improvement to the driveability of your   bike. Basicly, it is done by adding some extra resistance to the Air Intake   Temperature Sensor, and the method have been tested throughly by many   independent sources and it actually works. No magic involved 🙂     But, the Air Intake Temperature Sensor is not a linear output device, and if you   just add a fixed serial resistor like in the picture above, the performance of   your device will vary a lot with changes in ambient temperature. See the poor performance of the serial resistor in the chart below.     This is what other Plug and Play devices do, and that’s actually why they fail:   Typically, they are made to perform well in
20 degrees Celsius (Ambient air temperature), but this will make the bike run   lean in 10 degrees, and rich in 30 degrees. Most of the competitor device manufactorers don’t bother to inform you about   this, or don’t have the knowledge about it.
Other will try to hide the problem in a lot of pseudo-technical talk and fancy   buzz words.     The Fact is that the BoosterPlug is the only Plug and Play device that offers a   stabilized enrichment of the mixture with different ambient temperatures. To do this, the BoosterPlug is using an extra temperature sensor (and a few   other components), that will work in cooperation with the original Air Intake   Temperature Sensor.       Sounds pretty easy, but the calculations to get it right is rather difficult. If you want to know more, there’s plenty of details on the BoosterPlug Website. See the actual performance of the BoosterPlug on the chart below. Note that the   enrichment is the same regardless of ambient temperature. You’ll see that the   horizontal line drifts a little in really extreme temperatures, but it’s really   insignificant. This is actually a very good result 🙂       Installation is really easy – Just follow these steps to install the BoosterPlug:     Locate the Air Intake Temperature (AIT) sensor in the airbox and unplug it. There’s only one sensor in the airbox, so you cant pick the wrong one. The BoosterPlug is shipped to you with bike specific installation instructions   that will show you the excact location of the AIT sensor. Connect the cable from the ECU to the BoosterPlug using the OEM connectors
– no cutting or splicing needed. The BoosterPlug contains a male and a female connector, so you can’t connect   them the wrong way. Connect the BoosterPlug to the AIT sensor in the airbox – still using the OEM   connectors. Route the wire with the NTC resistor to a place where the NTC is not effected by   engine or radiator heat and zip-tie it in place. Do not place the external sensor behind Cylinder Heads or Radiator. Install it in a location where the sensor is recieving a reasonable amount of   cool air when you ride your bike. Most customers install the sensor next to the air intake snorkel or under the   head lamp. Both locations are excellent.     Technically, it’s the same as the famous Mk1 module – Plug and Play tuning   simply doesn’t get any better than this 🙂 The module is now a one piece thermoplastic diecast moulding. Impossible to   break, unless you do something really stupid… The module is even smaller than the Mk1, and measures 20 x 20 x 32 mm. Easy to   fit anywhere you want. The cables to the connectors are slightly longer to make installation even   easier.   Warranty is forever – The BoosterPlug is build to last and will   do so.
Should it fail anyway, We will replace the module for free, unless you did
something stupid with a blowtorch or a sledge hammer 🙂   Here’s some of the feedback from happy customers.     You   really solved the problems I hated about the engine. Idle feels stronger.   Now I can slowly release the clutch from standstill and have the bike   rolling without touching the throttle. I could hardly do that before. Very easy 5 minute install. The   throttle response and fuelling is greatly improved with little or no snatch. My   bike is now a real delight to ride. It’s been a total success in every respect for me 🙂 Idle, especially right after a cold start, is smooth as silk, no missing or   hunting. Thanks for producing such a simple but well engineered an well built   performance improvement. It   does make the bike smoother on gear changes and low speed work along with   giving it better acceleration. By   far the biggest difference I noticed right away was the newly found silky   smooth shifting. There is no hesitation and much less clunking when shifing   gears and a much more enjoyable ride. Your product has completely tranformed   the bike into a smooth running machine. This thing has returned the essential throttle control that every dual sport   motorbike needs. No longer does the bike jump out from underneath me or try   and toss me over the bars like an untamed horse. Thank you very much for your time and care in developing the booster plug –   it really works well and makes the bike as enjoyable as it should be as it   leaves the factory.